Mar, 2020 by Stuart

Our Coronavirus precautions

A note to all our customers regarding our Coronavirus precautions:
If you pop in over the next few weeks you may notice the tables are looking a bit bare of their usual decoration…
It’s now impossible to ignore, everyone is talking about Coronavirus and many people are very concerned.
Our staff and customers safety is and always will be paramount and so we have started to make some significant changes to reassure our customers:

1. All cutlery and condiments and table decorations have been removed from our tables to allow easy sanitation.

2. Customer hand sanitiser stations are now located outside our bathroom doors and by the entrance to our dining room.

3. Our cutlery now is not only sanitised by the dishwasher but afterwards passes through a UV & heat treatment unit. It will then be wrapped and delivered to your table with your order.

4. We are installing state of the art high efficiency HEPA air purifiers capable of removing viruses & pollutants from the air within the building.

5. All our hotel key cards are being sanitised on a daily basis before being handed back out to guests.

6. Door handles both internal and external are being sanitised several times a day. In addition to this hand rails and other surfaces that are high traffic will be given the same treatment.

7. More breakfast items such as fruit and pastries will be covered at breakfast time.

We are currently still trading as normal and accepting cash however we would ask customers to pay by contactless card if convenient.
We will continue to review our our operations as the situation escalates or hopefully declines in the coming days and weeks.
We now feel confident that with the above measures in place and a few more behind the scenes you can have faith in the fact we are doing all we can to protect your health as well as our staff.
Kind regards
Team Fleece