Mar, 2020 by Stuart

Our Coronavirus precautions

A note to all our customers regarding our Coronavirus precautions: If you pop in over the next few weeks you may notice the tables are looking a bit bare of their usual decoration... It's now impossible to ignore, everyone is talking about Coronavirus and many people are very concerned. Our staff and customers safety is and always will be paramount and so we have started to make some significan

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Fun Fairs in North Wales

  01 ,Aug 2018, By Stuart

We’re rapidly heading towards the summer holidays and the dreaded six weeks of ‘keeping children occupied’ before they get bored.If you’re heading t..

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Summer events in North Wales

  31 ,Jul 2018, By Stuart

Summer is an ideal time to venture into North Wales. As well as the amazing beaches and stunning countryside we have for walks, hikes, sunbathing and swimming, ..

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Four reasons you’ll want to visit Porthmadog for a summer break

  31 ,Jul 2018, By

We’re rightly proud of Porthmadog and we think once you’ve visited you’ll see why we love it so much. It’s so well placed for a wide range of activities..

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Dog friendly summer beaches in North Wales

  30 ,Jul 2018, By

As those of us who have a four legged friend will know, there’s nothing better than a stroll along the beach in summer, a play with the ball and a splash ..

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